We strive to always make ourselves accessible and work closely with businesses owners from the “mom and pop” to the “Big chains”. Whether you’re starting a location from scratch or renovating a tenant existing space or just need tenant improvement, we will use our skills and resources to custom tailor to the clients needs and expectations.

Our hands on approach from start to finish will lend to seamlessly completing your project through communication, high standards, professionalism and transparency. Our team of architects, engineers and designers alongside our go to craftsmen with unique skills will provide high quality results to any size space. We are committed to working hard to give you the result we both expect.

Our Mission

What makes us the right fit for your project is not only our high standards and higher work ethic but also that we pride ourselves on being a locally owned business, one that lives in our community and also patronizes our local business. We love where we live and the fact that we can have a hand in making it grow and thrive is “icing on the cake, butter on the toast, salsa on the chip, tahini on the falafel, cheese on the burger”…

David Abbass


1966: David Abbass was born the middle son of three and grew up in Carthage, New York. A small town located in upstate New York with a population of 3,747. Small town and New York usually don’t go together but that is exactly what the Village of Carthage is. Located right along the Black River and East of Watertown it had all the benefits that growing up in a small town would. Close-knit community, family, neighbors and friends, some, one and the same.

1980-1994: While attending Carthage Central High School David simultaneously took Carpentry and Masonry courses at BOCES, getting a head start on what would be his life’s work. Straight out of High school he jumped right in working on constructing military housing for the nearby Fort Drum. This was the best college education one could ask for, learning all aspects of building from the ground up. All while raising a family of his own.

1994-2013 With the hands-on Knowledge he moved on to larger commercial projects. Just to list a few, Car Dealerships, Drug store chains, Fast food restaurants’, Water treatment plants, Federal Installation Facilities and more…Running all aspects of these projects led him on to start his own company DMABUILDERS,LLC concentrating and carving out a niche favoring restaurant builds.

2013: A great opportunity to remodel several local restaurants brought David to the Southern California area where he moved his company. Falling in love with the area and diversity of cuisines cemented his making a home here and doing what he enjoys “Building” and continues to do to this day.

2023:When David is not working, he’ll take advantage of the California Sun and hit some golf balls on the many local courses. Of course, what he does it all for is going on family Vacations and just spending time with his two sons, daughter and their ever-growing family.